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Life’s Not A Football Match…


Whose Body by Dorothy L Sayers

My favourite quote from Whose Body? by Dorothy L Sayers was a little long to include in my post on the book but I want to share it with you here. It’s Inspector Parker talking to Lord Peter Wimsey about his sleuthing style and overall motives for crime-solving:

”Yes, yes, I know,’ said the detective [Parker], ‘but that’s because you’re thinking about your attitude. You want to be consistent, you want to look pretty, you want to swagger debonairly through a comedy of puppets or else to stalk magnificently through a tragedy of human sorrows and things. But that’s childish. If you’ve any duty to society in the way of finding out the truth about murders, you must do it in any attitude that comes handy. You want to be elegant and detached? That’s all right, if you find the truth out that way, but it hasn’t any value in itself, you know. You want to look dignified and consistent – what’s that got to do with it? You want to hunt down a murderer for the sport of the thing and then shake hands with him and say, “Well played – hard luck – you shall have your revenge tomorrow!” Well, you can’t do it like that. Life’s not a football match. You want to be a sportsman. You can’t be a sportsman. You’re a responsible person.’

‘I don’t think you ought to read so much theology,’ said Lord Peter. ‘It has a brutalising influence.’
(Page 126)

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3 thoughts on “Life’s Not A Football Match…

  1. I love this quote too!

  2. Oh, Parker, how I love you and your balloon-popping ways.

  3. I *love* Sayers – what a writer she was!


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