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Slaughterhouse-Five and Savages

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While I finish polishing up my first book review for German Literature Month (Desdemona – if you had only spoken! by Christine Bruckner which has the delicious subtitle of ‘Eleven Uncensored Speeches Of Eleven Incensed Women’) I thought it would be interesting to share this music video with you.

Although Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five obviously wouldn’t count for GLM as he was an American, I thought the way the band Savages took his imagery of Dresden under fire in 1945 and created an imagined scene inspired by it for the video of their song Marshall Dear might be of interest. The video’s haunting artwork (created by Gergely Wootsch) is a perfect fit for a quietly gripping song about Field Marshal Rommel’s actions during World War II.

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One thought on “Slaughterhouse-Five and Savages

  1. Good timing! We’ve just read S-5 for book group – my review’ll be up tomorrow.


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