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Russian Reading Month


Tuesday in Silhouette is hosting Russian Reading Month right now and since I was actually planning to read two Russian authors this month already I belatedly signed up. :)

There’s rather a focus on The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, one of my favourite books and I thought it would be worth posting a link to my review from earlier in the year.

I must confess I did get a little obsessed with the book after finishing it and falling in love with it all over again. I hunted down a copy of the iconic Fontana edition, it was edited/restricted by the censors so the text is not the full work but the artwork is amazing, because I just had to have a copy of it for completeness. Then I remembered that the last time I was in Boston I spent a lovely time hours and hours happily exploring in the Harvard Bookstore and saw a t-shirt range with book cover art on the shirts. So, after a little internet magic, I now own a t-shirt with  Fontana’s version of the scary Russian cat on it.

Three Cats

My own cat, Sprocket, remains rather unimpressed with these interlopers. He can however be pacified with more toys of his own. ;)

Author: Alex in a Library

Reader, book blogger and adventuress. My home appears to be morphing into a library... I can be found on Twitter as @AlexInALibrary.

4 thoughts on “Russian Reading Month

  1. oh, I love that book. and that edition is gorgeous! i didn’t know it existed. i’ve seen the shirt- at harvard bookstore, one of my neighborhood indies no less- but didn’t know where the illustration came from.

  2. That cat is scary. I’ve only your summary to go on, as I didn’t know the plot previously, but the cover looks fitting. Awesome that you found a t-shirt with it on!

  3. I love the shirt! The cat is scary though! :-) Happy reading this month.


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