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Some Book Oddities


This week has been hectic (I’m working on setting up a new project for next year which is exciting but keeping me very busy!) so I thought I’d share a couple of book related oddities while I am away from my desk today:

Painful Lives Books

I saw this in the Waterstones store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre, a shelf of books helpfully signposted as ‘Painful Lives’ so that those looking specifically for tales of poverty, abuse and grief can easily locate them in the biography section. Or perhaps it’s an attempt at philosophy – all life is painful?

The Odyssey Book Catalogue Record

I spotted this while searching my local library’s public catalogue. Does anything sum up the contempt the author felt for those too ill-educated to read fluent Ancient Greek as ‘rendered into English prose for the use of those who cannot read the original‘? Surely only a barbarian would not have been taught to read the original… *monocle pops out in astonishment*

And finally, a non-book related oddity seen in the summer… Marmite fudge:

Marmite Fudge

I saw this for sale in Scarborough while out on a day trip to the coast. Yes, I am reckless enough to have tried a sliver of it. Yes, it is as vile as it sounds. No, you can’t get rid of the taste. *shudder*

Author: Alex in a Library

Reader, book blogger and adventuress. My home appears to be morphing into a library... I can be found on Twitter as @AlexInALibrary.

12 thoughts on “Some Book Oddities

  1. Maybe that woman (name escapes me) from the Vicar of Dibley is alive and well and living in Scarborough!

  2. Not liking a section for “painful lives”, it just sounds bad, really bad. You can keep the Marmite fudge :p

  3. I tried marmite chocolate and it was discusting. I wouldn’t go near marmite fudge – you are very brave for giving it a go!

  4. “Painful Lives”–that is hilarious.

  5. Ack about the fudge! Yuck!

  6. Loving “Painful Lives” – at least I’d know to avoid the section! Re the Greek, I think about another reaction to a translation, namely Keats’ ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’, where the sheer power of the translation makes the story live for Keats (who didn’t have Greek?). I can’t imagine this translation does that if that’s the translator’s attitude!

  7. Just laughing and shaking my head at all three oddities. The only thing that could be worse re: painful lives is someone sitting there in a chair nearby bragging about having read them all!!

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