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My First Photobook


To more seasoned photographers this might seem like a very gentle goal but I am actually really pleased and proud of my first photobook. :)

It’s filled with photos that I took between 01JAN2009-29SEP2011 for my first 101 goals list. It’s a really nice A4 hardback book of 25 pages.

The final cut included photos taken all over the world and of the experiences that meant most to me. It was really weird trying to mix them all up to find contrasts in mood and place to make it more interesting. I started noticing all sorts of quirks, things that I have lots of photos of (butterflies for example, I had no idea I had so many photos of them) and things I don’t (crowds, I have no photos of the busy markets I’ve explored or street festivals etc). It was so fun to consider everything rather than a small ‘set’ as I usually do.

(Left Page: New Year’s Day Well Plunge at Ilkley, 2010 / Red Square in Moscow, 2011 / Walking Boston’s Freedom Trail, 2010. Right Page: Holding Tim Booth’s hand at Latitude, 2010 / Local graffiti / Bardsey church, 2010)

(Left Page: Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, 2009 / Full Steam Ahead at Liverpool Maritime Museum, 2009 / The Colosseum, 2009 / Snow in Horsforth, Leeds / Walking the Leeds Country Way, 2011 / San Francisco Bridge, 2009. Right Page: Vineyard in Holmfirth, 2010 / Steam Train at Pickering, 2010 / Totem in Ottawa, 2009 / Marble at All Saint’s Church in Harewood, 2011 / Cricket, 2010.)

Some of the older photos didn’t come out so well, the Ethiopia picture below for example, but for the most part I am delighted that the photos actually show improvement and look good on the page. I was so nervous while I was waiting for this to arrive in the post in case it was all awful!

(Left Page: Volunteering at Leeds Film Festival, 2009 / Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico, 2010 / Rideau Locks in Ottawa, 2009 / Latitude Festival sheep, 2010 / Wigtown Martyrs memorial, 2011 / Headingley guided walk souvenir, 2011. Right Page: Water Music at Bramley, 2011 / Dancers in Ethiopia, 2009 / Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, 2009.)

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Author: Alex in Leeds

Book reviewer, blogger, photographer and adventuress who completed 101 goals in 1001 days once and is now gleefully doing it again. I can be found on Twitter as @AlexInLeeds.

7 thoughts on “My First Photobook

  1. How great! I am in the middle of my list right now, but I definitely want to do something like this when I finish. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Hello,

    I have been curious about the process of making a photobook. Can you tell me which company you used to make yours?

    • I used Blurb, it was the first time I used them so I am not sure if they are more/less expensive than others but I found their website easy to use and received the printed book within a week of the order. I’m really happy with it. :)

      • Thanks a lot. I was leaning towards using Blurb myself but I wanted to make sure they provided a quality product. From the way your book looked in the photo I think I will be happy using them!

        Thanks again!

  3. wow – this is really great ! for a start, when you travel as much as you have, it’s well worth creating something like this. As both a visual diary – and as an ‘art project’ (for want of a better term). And I find it really interesting that, to me, these photos have so much more power as am edited, bound book than they do amongst a whole lot of others presented on flickr (or whatever). You have inspired me to do something like this sometime… ::goes off to check out Blurb::


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