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101 Goals in 1001 Days, 01JAN2009-29SEP2011

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Between 01JAN2009-29SEP2011 was 1001 days. In that 1001 days I completed every goal on the list below.

October 2014 EDIT: Everything here has been completed and nearly all of the goals have at least one update. However, not everything is hooked up at the back as I imported these posts from a previous blog of mine. All the pages and updates for the big goals are fixed but I am still in the process of tidying up broken links and connecting up posts for the smaller goals over the next week or so, apologies if you find anything not behaving as it should in the meantime!

If you have never heard of 101 goals in 1001 days before, you need to read this explanation.

If you’d rather read about my 1001 days as a chronological record you can do that here – I didn’t post every day!

001. Take a photo every day (More info)
002. Spend a night in a lighthouse (More info)
003. Go skydiving (More info)
004. Take a flying lesson (More info)
005. Document Leeds in photos, postcode by postcode (More info)
006. Participate in Self Portrait Thursday for 52 weeks (More info)
007. Donate 1,000,000 grains of rice (More info)
008. Visit the British Museum (More info)
009. Plant a tree (More info)
010. Have camera and a notebook with me at all times (More info)
011. Leave 10 pieces of guerrilla art or writing in public (More info)
012. Write a Wikipedia article (More info)
013. Spend an entire day in a game (More info)
014. Spend a day on an archaeology dig (More info)
015. Talk like a Pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day (More info)
016. Climb a mountain (More info)
017. Attend a Quaker meeting (More info)
018. Throw a message in a bottle into the sea (More info)
019. Make a geocache and stash it (More info)
020. Find a geocache (More info)
021. Eat raw for a month (More info)
022. Read War And Peace (More info)
023. Figure out where my square mile is (More info)
024. Investigate my square mile thoroughly (More info)
025. Walk everywhere for a month (More info)
026. Be part of the audience at a tv or radio recording (More info)
027. Go on a distillery tour (More info)
028. Wild release 150 more books (More info)
029. Travel on a steam train (More info)
030. Participate in NaBloPoMo (More info)
031. Take pictures of 100 strangers (More info)
032. Watch every video on the TED site (More info)
033. Leave a (relevant) comment on 1001 blogs (More info)
034. Write a 55 (More info)
035. Get a literary tattoo (More info)
036. Collect shells on the beach (More info)
037. Attempt to read or re-read every book I own (More info)
038. Get a personal genetics test (More info)
039. Corset stitch a t-shirt (More info)
040. Win NaNoWriMo (More info)
041. Give £30 (or more) to a busker (More info)
042. Get a paid Flickr account (More info)
043. Extend a loan on (More info)
044. Explore a ghost town (More info)
045. Make a rug (More info)
046. Buy a canvas and decorate it (More info)
047. Join the daring bakers for one of their challenges (More info)
048. Once a year go compliment crazy (More info)
049. Go for a climbing lesson (More info)
050. Be able to label a map of Africa (More info)
051. Buy an original piece of art (More info)
052. Take the stairs (More info)
053. Go to 3 places mentioned in the book, Bollocks to Alton Towers (More info)
054. Make paper (More info)
055. Boycott Coca Cola (More info)
056. Do the A-Z challenge (More info)
057. Stay out of the house for a full 24 hours (More info)
058. Keep reading the 1001 books (More info)
059. Find another apple type to like (More info)
060. See 3 of Antony Gormley’s pieces out in the wild (More info)
061. Produce a guided walk for Leeds (More info)
062. Scrobble 50,000 tracks (More info)
063. Go white water rafting (More info)
064. Give 1001 non-business cards out (More info)
065. Actively seek out guided walks in Leeds and York (More info)
066. Dye my hair blue (More info)
067. Snarf (More info)
068. Write messages on my money for a month (More info)
069. Visit every library in Leeds (More info)
070. Walk over 100 miles in a week (More info)
071. Walk across England (More info)
072. Have a go at archery (More info)
073. Recommend-to-me month (More info)
074. Ett Foto I Timmen (More info)
075. Apply for an allotment (More info)
076. Host a dinner party (More info)
077. Buy a trilby (More info)
078. Do a Pharos course (More info)
079. Swim a mile (More info)
080. Volunteer 101 hours (More info)
081. Do the Simple Dollar’s money review (More info)
082. Do an ‘artistic’ course (More info)
083. Volunteer at the Leeds Film Festival (More info)
084. Go on a School Of Life holiday (More info)
085. Cook 3 things from every cookbook I own (More info)
086. Learn to start a fire with two sticks (More info)
087. Visit a English vineyard (More info)
088. Create a list of 100 things I want to see (More info)
089. See 20 of the 100 things (More info)
090. Go to a service at the Unitarian church (More info)
091. Annual report for 2010 (More info)
092. Ask for help (More info)
093. Own less than 100 TBR books (More info)
094. Write an e-book (More info)
095. Plan a Mission 101 talk (More info)
096. Give a Mission 101 talk (More info)
097. Post 200 articles on Exploring Leeds (More info)
098. Meet someone who speaks a dying language (More info)
099. Be a tour guide (More info)
100. Drink 100 different whiskies (More info)
101. Celebrate the end of the 1001 days (More info)

Author: Alex in Leeds

Book reviewer, blogger, photographer and adventuress who completed 101 goals in 1001 days once and is now gleefully doing it again. I can be found on Twitter as @AlexInLeeds.


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